• BlackRock Kelso Capital Corporation shares trade on NASDAQ under the symbol BKCC.



BlackRock Kelso Capital provides middle-market companies with flexible financing solutions, including senior and junior secured, unsecured and subordinated debt securities and loans, and equity securities. Our strategy is to provide capital to meet our clients’ current and future needs across this spectrum, creating long-term partnerships with growing middle-market companies.

BlackRock Kelso Capital was formed in 2005. BlackRock Kelso Capital has capital resources exceeding $1 billion. Since the commencement of our operations, our team of investment professionals has evaluated more than 2,900 investment opportunities and completed over 156 investments on our behalf, aggregating over $3.5 billion in capital provided to middle-market companies through March 2014.

BlackRock Kelso Capital's investment team has a long history of investing in nearly every industry group and at every level of the capital structure, as well as providing unique financing solutions to meet the needs of business-owners and managers.

Unlike traditional banks and finance companies, BlackRock Kelso Capital can provide flexible capital in a wide variety of structures ranging from senior loans, including cash flow, asset-backed and junior lien facilities, to common equity investments.

Unlike traditional private equity firms, BlackRock Kelso Capital is comfortable making non-control investments in middle-market companies in all industries.

Our investment objective is to generate both current income and capital appreciation through our debt and equity investments. We invest primarily in middle-market companies and target investments throughout the capital structure that we believe provide an attractive risk-adjusted return. Our investments typically range between $10 million and $50 million, although the investment sizes may be more or less than the targeted range. We invest in companies that operate in a broad variety of industries and that generate positive cash flows.

BlackRock Kelso Capital is organized as an externally-managed, non-diversified closed-end management investment company and has elected to be regulated as a Business Development Company (BDC) under the Investment Company Act of 1940.

A Business Development Company is a closed-end investment company that primarily invests in private businesses.  BDCs are an outgrowth of the Small Business Investment Incentive Act of 1980 which added provisions governing BDCs to the Investment Company Act of 1940. BDCs were created by Congress to encourage the flow of public capital to middle-market companies. We operate as a BDC for regulatory oversight and reporting purposes and as a regulated investment company (RIC) for tax purposes. In addition to providing financing, BDCs can also offer guidance and resources to help their portfolio companies grow. Investors benefit by having the opportunity to invest in private companies through a transparent, publicly reporting company that typically pays a cash dividend. Our investment advisor is BlackRock Kelso Capital Advisors LLC, a registered investment adviser under the Investment Advisers Act of 1940.  Our administrator is BlackRock Financial Management, Inc.  Services necessary for our business are provided by individuals who are employees of our investment advisor or administrator.  References in this website to “investment team,” “Investment Committee” and our staff refer respectively to the investment team, Investment Committee and employees of our investment advisor that perform such functions on our behalf.